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With the development of society, many foods are packaged and stored after processing, which can not only extend the shelf life, but also maintain the original flavor of the food. This is a method widely used by today's production entrepreneurs to sell food to the market. However, food packaging gift boxes are prone to mildew in a humid environment, so remember to store them carefully after purchase and take certain measures to prevent this.
Store in a dry environment
The essence of food packaging gift box mildew is that it is in a humid environment, so it is the basic condition when placed in a dry place. Because the environment is dry and water resources are scarce, it will not provide a growth environment for mold. So as to prevent mold on the food gift box packaging to a certain extent.
vacuum packing
The hot and humid weather in summer is easy to cause the food packaging gift box to become moldy. At this time, the vacuum packaging method is effective. Because there is almost no air in the vacuum packaging and there is little oxygen content, mold will not grow in this environment.
chemical treatment
In food production, many manufacturers use non-toxic quantitative chemicals to add to packaging materials and food to resist the invasion of mold. It is undeniable that this is a convenient and effective method for mass production of food manufacturers to prevent packaging gift boxes from becoming moldy.
Add preservatives
It is a simple and effective method to add a certain amount of preservatives into the packaging of food gift boxes. Because some substances in preservatives can kill mold.
Through understanding, we need not worry about adding harmful chemicals to prevent mold, so that we can eat more safely. Because preservatives are added, there is no need to worry that preservatives will change substances and produce harmful substances after killing mold, which will affect food safety. Because the preservatives added in food packaging are food additives used in food packaging. Come to our website if you need to purchase customized products http://www.vedsuran.com Consult!