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We eat three meals a day and occasionally have snacks. We are exposed to at least two or three kinds of food every day, more than ten kinds. In this way, the packaging of food gift boxes is particularly important. Especially those precious ingredients, we usually buy them back to our relatives and friends. If the packaging is not correct, it will be considered not sincere enough. What points should we pay attention to in food packaging gift boxes?
Food packaging design not only requires to reflect the characteristics of food, but also requires a strong sense of visual form and high artistry, easy to identify and remember. It is also required to have a high degree of generalization, conform to the characteristics of the industry, have a sense of modernity, conform to the trend of the times, and have a future. The following issues must be paid attention to when designing food packaging:
Food safety is not only the safety of food itself, but also the safety of food packaging. It is necessary to ensure that the packaging materials themselves are safe, non-toxic and free of volatile substances, that is, the packaging materials themselves are required to have stable organizational components. In addition, during the implementation of the packaging process, they will not be produced from substances and chemical components that have chemical reactions with food components, In the process of storage and transfer, the quality will not change due to changes in climate and normal environmental factors.
Nowadays, there are two forms of product display: 1. Use vivid color photos to show the users clearly who the food is to be eaten. This method is popular in food packaging. Most consumers in China have direct and clear requirements for packaging. 2. Directly indicate the attributes of food, especially the name reflecting the essential attributes of food must be marked on the package of novel food, and it cannot be replaced by the name with unclear function.
Convenient packaging is often an important reason for consumers to choose certain foods. The convenience of packaging includes the convenience of use, carrying and measurement.
These are some key points of food packaging box. When the main consumer group is young people, we should try our best to pack. In addition to traditional packaging methods, we can also try new design solutions. Especially young products such as snacks and food gift boxes. You can come to our website at any time if you need to purchase customized packaging boxes http://www.vedsuran.com Ask about it!