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What should we do if the length of the plastic film is not enough and the width error is too large when dividing the takeout packaging bag? In fact, it is caused by incorrect unwinding count, insufficient length of divided plastic film, and incorrect positioning of machinery and equipment.
In order to meet the needs of customers to obtain a certain length of film roll, in general, the actual operating staff can obtain the unwinding length from the data information displayed on the winder. However, in production and manufacturing, it is common to encounter film breakage and a part of the plastic film on the surface of the roller shaft film roll. If the measurement and cutting are carried out according to the length indicated, and it is not until the segmentation that the length is insufficient and it is impossible to piece together, the finished goods cannot be turned into authentic products, especially the blocking machine whose width is more than one meter, which will cause higher property losses.


In order to prevent this kind of situation, the length of the roll of the drum shaft with the same model, specification and processing technology should have a certain corresponding relationship with the roll diameter. If the measured diameter data is compared with the unwinding length after the machine operation, we can roughly understand whether the roll length of the roll is in line with the regulations. If the distance between the two is large, we should pay attention to the patching length when matching and cutting to prevent insufficient length.
In addition, reliable mechanical equipment performance is the basic index value for good maintenance of the contents of the packaging bag. If the mechanical equipment performance of the packaging bag does not meet the requirements, it is very easy to be damaged in the whole process of application, and then the articles inside are likely to leak. Therefore, the bag manufacturers will strictly test the structural mechanical properties of the goods when they are in the original factory, and will also test the structural mechanical properties of basically all raw materials used in the production and manufacturing of plastic flexible packaging.
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