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Take out bags have been widely used in our lives, such as take out bags, fast food bags, milk tea bags, and various food bags. These plastic bags often come into contact with food, so their production or safety requirements are also specified. Only by ensuring the health and safety of external things in contact with food, can food nutrition and safety be better guaranteed. What is the customization standard of takeout bags related to?
1. Because the takeout packaging bag is directly in contact with the daily food, when customizing the takeout packaging bag, we should see whether the manufacturer's hygiene standards are qualified and whether the relevant production licenses are complete. We can go to the production factory on the spot to check whether the manufacturer has the corresponding production license.
2. It depends on whether the raw materials used in the produced bags meet the relevant national production quality requirements, ensure that they do not contain additives that cause harm to human health, or whether the content of other elements meets the production standards. This can be tested by the relevant departments.
3. The appearance of the customized takeout packaging bag shall be flat, free of scratches, burns, bubbles, oil breaks and wrinkles, and the heat seal shall be flat, free of false seals, impurities, foreign matters and oil stains. Its specification, width, length and thickness deviation shall be within the specified range.
4. Depending on its degradability, the degradation types of products can be divided into photodegradation, biodegradation and environmental degradation. If the degradation performance is good, the bag will break, differentiate and degrade by itself under the joint action of light and microorganisms, and Z will eventually become debris, which is accepted by the natural environment to avoid white pollution and thus play a role in protecting the environment.
What is the customization standard of takeout bags related to? In response to this problem, we explained the problem from four aspects. You can come to our website at any time if you have any needs http://www.vedsuran.com Ask about it!